My son did not go to school today. He was doing a poor job pretending to be sick, but I chose to go along with his story. I was curious. Why did he not want to go to school?

Soon as we got home (I had to drive the wife and other kids to school), I found the reason why he wanted to stay at home.

Over the weekend, we got the playstation3 connected to the internet. Because of this, their playstation games opened up to the world of online gaming. I have four kids. They each have one hour of play time per turn.

My son, Marcus was the youngest of four children. Being so, his sisters played the games better than he did and was beating him all the time. To get better, he wanted to play more and figure out how to improve his game.

Marcus couldn't wait for his next turn to play when his sisters were around. The best way for him to improve was to stay at home while his sisters were away.

And that's why he did not go to school today. He said he was sick, but watching him play with the playstation, I knew what the real reason was.

My wife is upset that Marcus did not go to school again. She too, saw that he was pretending to be sick, but had to let him stay home--just in case he REALLY was sick.

I don't mind it if my kids want to skip school. In fact, I encourage it. I'd rather have them homeschooled acting on their interests and curiosity, than to spend hours in an institution that sapped the life out of you.

I hated school growing up. The stuff they teach you there (after reading and writing) may not be the things that you--the individual, should be learning.

I don't know how Marcus' interest with playstation is going to turn out for him in the future. What is important for me is that my kids know that I support them 100% in whatever it is that interests them--with integrity, of course.

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  1. "I don't mind it if my kids want to skip school." I agree with most of that paragraph except the part where you're not actually homeschooling them.

    Good luck with Go, though; I like it too.